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April 23, 2009

For this post you should know that I have a fascination with sharks which was borne out of reading the book and seeing the film "Jaws" whilst a young and impressionable youth.  I can’t switch over a TV programme if it features sharks and I can’t help myself from switching over to any TV programme […]

Working and Living Away From Home

May 28, 2008

Another week another few nights away from home.  I headed off back up to Copley on Tuesday morning.  I was bright and early but the day was not – it chucked it down all the way and I was half way up the M1 before I realised that I had forgotten a coat of any […]

Wot No Blogs

May 26, 2008

Since starting my new job, I’ve found that I have no time for this anymore so I’ve made the effort to get this down on Bank Holiday Monday inbetween working like a Trojan.   I’ve done no running for weeks now and I’m gaining weight like a newborn on premium milk.  I seem to have done […]

Staying In Edinburgh

April 16, 2008

Whilst I’m up here working in Edinburgh I’m staying in an apartment in the Newington area supplied by Destination Edinburgh Apartments.  It’s a newly refurbished, modern apartment that is about 15/20 minutes walk from Princes Street and about 8 minutes run to Arthurs Seat (see Wors Workout for images of Arthurs Seat).  The apartment is […]

Capital One & Redunancy

April 14, 2008

This might be worth a read by anyone facing the threat of redundancy at Capital One   http://lawpack.money.msn.co.uk/redundancy.aspx

Sun Goes Down From The Office Window

April 8, 2008

Here’s the view from my office window the other night…. Not a bad sight I think

Amir Khan – Martin Kristjansen

April 5, 2008

Khan finished it in the final second of the 7th round

Amir Khan – Martin Kristjansen

April 5, 2008

Round 4 just started so I was wrong.  Khan looking in a bit of trouble in this round……

Is This Wor???

April 5, 2008

I saw this on a website and thought it was me.   What do you reckon?

Amir Khan – Martin Kristjansen

April 5, 2008

Khan in 3?