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Chicken Coop Has Landed

May 3, 2008

The chicken coop arrived this morning see here for images of it.  We just waiting for the chickens now……

Chicken Coop

April 30, 2008

WP and I were out and about at the weekend and we tracked down a chicken coop that we’ve agreed to buy.  It should hold between 4 and 6 birds and is being delivered this weekend.  WP has been out to order some Point Of Lay (POL) Chickens for us and they will be at […]

Stephensons Stottie Cakes

April 21, 2008

Here’s one of the stotties I bought in Sunderland over the weekend.     It goes really well with ham and pease pudding.   For those not versed in North Eastern English culture , the Wikipedia entry on stotties is here whilst pease pudding is described here.

Cress Cam – the Final!

April 13, 2008

Here’s how our cress ended up: and the empty space that the harvesting of it leaves in our lives   The good news is that it made absolutely top notch egg and cress sarnies – still not our own eggs yet mind.   This is likely the last you’ll see of Cress Cam……

Cress Height Verification

April 8, 2008

As requested by my army of avid blog reders, here’s a height check on the cress.  In this picture I’ve illustrated the height of the cress by utilising the amazing height indicating powers of the humble patio door key.   Behold the cress  

Cress Cam

April 8, 2008

Here’s the latest cress update picture……   Comments?????

Cress Cam

April 6, 2008

Check out the cress today!  This isn’t just ordinary cress, this is Wors Cress…..   Come back again to see the latest cress pictures.

The Good Life – Part 1 Update

April 4, 2008

After being literally innundated by zero requests for pictures of our cress growing and our new greenhouse, I’ve decided to upload these.  Enjoy     Later I may treat you all to some pictures of the bread and buns that WP has been baking – please don’t request this in your thousands.

The Good Life – Part 1

April 3, 2008

We’ve decided to head in the direction of self sufficiency at Wors World and to this end Wor Pet (WP) and I have invested in a small greenhouse.  The greenhouse is one of those heavy polythene affairs and we’ve put it on the patio in the back garden, weighted down with a couple of hefty […]