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The Good Life – Part 1

We’ve decided to head in the direction of self sufficiency at Wors World and to this end Wor Pet (WP) and I have invested in a small greenhouse.  The greenhouse is one of those heavy polythene affairs and we’ve put it on the patio in the back garden, weighted down with a couple of hefty concrete blocks.  In the greenhouse we have planted tomatoes, basil, brocolli(?), carrots and something else that escapes me for the moment, we’ve also planted potatoes and are growing cress on tissue paper on the back room window ledge like we used to do when we were kids (so long ago).
WP has gone back to using the bread maker in a big way and has produced some mighty fine bread and buns (or cobs, or rolls, or baps depending on where you are from) in both white and brown varities – the brown bread is proving very very effective.  She’s took some to work for her colleagues and they’ve wolfed ’em.
Next thing on the agenda are chickens.  A company called Omlet do a really fancy, designer, chicken coop the Eglu, but at £400 it’s a bit too expensive for a first go, they look great though – see here.  I’m currently hunting down chicken coops on EBay to get started and I’m hoping to have one secured by the end of the week.  I’ll report on further chicken progress as and when there is some – I quite fancy the idea of a webcam on the chickens so that I can keep an eye on them from my desk.  My daughter is planning on her 16th birthday in a marquee on our back garden doesn’t like the idea of there being chickens around when her friends come round – it’s a bit too agricultural for her liking and she is not very keen on birds anyway.  She’ll soon get over that when she fancies an fried egg sarnie!
Once we have the chickens in place, the jigsaw will be complete and we will have all the requirements for making the finest, organic, egg and cress sandwiches in my village (well maybe in the street).  We’ll be having a weekly Farmers Market at our local community centre before long.

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