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Had to laugh when I saw that my old employer Experian, who have just made 240 + people redundant so they can hand over those jobs to Perot, were recruiting for those self same jobs less than 6 weeks later.  Obviously I feel heartily sorry for those being made redundant but it’s funny that the recruitments are being carried out for positions with Perot rather than Experian which I guess gets round UK employment laws etc.  The jobs are contracts rather than permanent but they have such specific requirements e.g. knowledge of Experian systems such as e-series and CEMS that only the newly redundant employees could be considered – this’ll be why  Experian have employed consultants to introduce employees about to be made redundant to the delights of contracting.
As a shareholder of Experian, I hope that those in the senior positions within Experian know what the hell they’re doing.  I’m nervous as the guy who has driven this comes from a much smaller company (SHL) than Experian and from a completely different market sector.  I’m also nervous about the use of offshore development teams as these teams can never get the close relationship required to ensure that software is developed as the client requires.  I also believe that offshore teams cannot work in an agile manner, requiring that every line of code is signed off before being written and that changes are immediately subject to a compex change control mechanism which is great for the offshore company but cr&p for the client – every change is chargeable.  Sorry, your requirements say "A", you are now saying that you want "A plus a minor change" – 2 days impact analysis, 3 days for project management, 20 days to code the 2 line change etc. etc.  £10,000 please.
Experian have stated that they want more agility than they had with the UK based resources, I rather feel that they may find that they have far far less.
Check out www.iii.co.uk for a posting by iddycol in 2007 where he points out the mess that Experian were (and still are) in.
Let me know what you think about Experian passing all these jobs to the offshore teams.  Post your responses here. 

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