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When Computers Go Wrong They Go Wrong

I set out this morning to use my CRM 4 VPC.  I just thought I’d make a backup of the current image before getting started….
I have a Maxtor Touch 4 500 Gb (purchased from Tesco for £69.99) and I thought I’d back up the image to that.  I noticed that the Maxtor 4 coulod not be seen by my machine and therefore I couldn’t back it up.  After unplugging the USB connection and powering off and on a number of times I finally ended up having to use the Disk Manger snapin to allocate a drive letter (which had mysteriously gone missing).  After doing this it all well fine until I connected a new flat monitor to my daughters pc.  Somehow the wireless network connection was knac**red.  I’ve tried disabling/reenabling/reinstalling drives and software etc with no luck.  Luckily (?) I’ve had a Dell laptop delivered to replace the laptop I had stolen in January http://worsworld.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?_c01_BlogPart=blogentry&_c=BlogPart&handle=cns!400938DCD454D501!347 and that connects no bother so my daughter can keep up to date with her 99 MSN contacts (the maximum number you can have I believe).  I’ll have to try and sort it tomorrow now as I can’t be bothered tonight. 

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