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Stephensons Stottie Cakes

Here’s one of the stotties I bought in Sunderland over the weekend.
It goes really well with ham and pease pudding.
For those not versed in North Eastern English culture , the Wikipedia entry on stotties is here whilst pease pudding is described here.

2 Responses to “Stephensons Stottie Cakes”

  1. Having lived in the Antipodes for more years than i\’d care to remember..i long for good old Geordie nosh like my Mam used to cook..this page brings back great memories

  2. They look great I tried cooking some this evening but failed, they turned out like lumps of soggy dough. you don\’t have the sunderland recipe!!!. The last time I had a home cooked Stottie cake was in 1948, baked by my best friends mother, we lived in Millfield. I\’m now 79 and yearning for a stottie cake. Hope you can sort a recipe out for me. Cheers Tom Bobbin

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