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Since starting my new job, I’ve found that I have no time for this anymore so I’ve made the effort to get this down on Bank Holiday Monday inbetween working like a Trojan.
I’ve done no running for weeks now and I’m gaining weight like a newborn on premium milk.  I seem to have done nowt but work and sleep.  For the second week I stayed over in guest houses for the week (Pinfold Guest House and Kirklea Guest House) and was struggling a bit sleeping with the change of surroundings.  Pinfold is a really nice place with newly decorated rooms, very clean and tidy and free WiFi!!!! – well worth the money.
I felt a bit knackered so decided to try driving to Copley evey day from my home.  The journey is just short of 70 miles in either direction and the first time I tried the journey, the Tuesday after May Day Bank Holiday, it took me about 2 hours!  Subsequent journeys have been taking me about 1hr 15/20 or so so it’s not too bad – but up at 05:00, out of the house at 05:45 and returning home @ 19:30ish is a bit knackering.  To end the week I drove up to Sunderland (from Copley) and was picked up by Adrian as we had to go to Edinburgh to work on the CRM development we’re on.  It took about 3.5 hours to get to Edinburgh and we arrived about 19:30ish.  3 hours of work, a chinese and into bed by 12:00 (from a 05:00 start the day before).
I’m going back to Pinfold from this week, hopefully, I’ll be able to settle in a bit and get a good nights sleep.
I’m also hoping that not driving for 3 hours a day will give me time to get back to running and blogging so hopefully there’ll be more of this drivel to follow soon.

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