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Working and Living Away From Home

Another week another few nights away from home.  I headed off back up to Copley on Tuesday morning.  I was bright and early but the day was not – it chucked it down all the way and I was half way up the M1 before I realised that I had forgotten a coat of any kind .
It continued to rain all day Tuesday with only very brief breaks (I managed to remian dry though).  I stayed at the Pinfold Guest House (from previous stays) and even managed to get out for a short run (about 3. miles) – initially both knees howled with protest at this though but they then settled down to a background role and I returned to the Guest House, soaked but slightly happy that I’d manged it.  By the time I’d been showered and had a cup of tea (with the handy kettle and tea bags that the Pinfold provide) it was almost 20:30 and I hadn’t eaten since 12:30.  I whistled up Google and soon found the Richard Oastler in Brighouse (a JD Wetherspoons establishment) which was a mere 10 minutes drive from me.  Once there I was able to order a Beer and Burger both of which went down well but absolutely negated the 3.5 mile of earlier.  Back to the GUest House and I put the tv on and began to watch Britains Got Talent – I managed about 5 mins before turning off as I was absolutely knackered.
Whilst I was in Brighouse I noticed a pub, the Black Bull with accommodation vacancies so I booked myself a room (the Pinfold had no vacancies for the Wednesday night) so I’m staying there and keying this whilst in Wetherspoons again (watching England v USA).
All in all, I’m finding being away from home a pain in the butt but thankfully I only have tomorrow to go before I go back. 

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