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I’ve been debugging some MS CRM 4 workflows that I’ve been working.  These workflows were based on the Order entity and are started on creation of an order.  I’d modularised my workflows so that I have a parent workflow and child workflows.  The parent workflow checks a field on the Order entity and branches to the child workflows based on that.  The child workflows then run and the job’s done.
I was creating orders in CRM and watching what happened – I was suprised to see that both branches of the condition appeared to be executed for a given value of the Order field.  I added some debug information in the shape of Note records attached to the orders and had another go.  Both legs were still being executed.  How odd.  I spent a bit of time reworking the condition and various other things before I realised that the child workflows were set to run as child workflows AS WELL AS on creation of an Order entity.  That is, the child workflow was executing regardless of the condition of the parent workflow.  Switching off the run on create for the child worklfow fixed the problem.
Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the "CRM Fool"

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