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Running Down The Canal

Up just after the larks yesterday morning for a run down the canal starting off at Langley Mill.  I’d been at a barbeque until about 23:30 the night before where I had a couple of lagers, so getting up at 07:00 was a bit of a chore.  The weather was cloudy but dry – until I stepped out of the door 45 minutes later.  It continued to rain until well after I’d returned – it chucked it down most of that time, really heavy stuff.
Anyway I managed about 6 miles or so with Mark (an old work colleague from Experian) and we spent the time talking about MS CRM, Sharepoint and football – the time soon passes when you’re on those subjects.
6 miles is the furthest I’ve run for a while so my legs were tired and my feet slightly sore (with a blister) when I got up at 05:00 this morning to drive to work.
I got to the Pinfold Guest House and changed into my running kit with the intention of running again tonight but as I write this I must admit I can’t be ars*d so I’ll give it a miss – I’ll run tomorrow.

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