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For this post you should know that I have a fascination with sharks which was borne out of reading the book and seeing the film "Jaws" whilst a young and impressionable youth.  I can’t switch over a TV programme if it features sharks and I can’t help myself from switching over to any TV programme that mentions sharks.  I also swim in the sea very, very reluctantly with one eye scanning the bottom and the other scanning the surface for fins .  Jaws scarred me for life it seems.
OK, so I’ve told you about my weird thing about sharks, now onto what I think is the really weird stuff…..
I was idling a few minutes away by keying my internet pseudonym(?) "WorTony" into Google and seeing what came up.  I reckon most of you wont have a clue as to why I’m know as "WorTony" but that’s a story for another day.  WorTony is to me, a fairly unique name so I was intrigued to see a link which mentioned Wor Tony and Great White Shark so I clicked the link……
If you can’t see what was so intriguing look for the plays that Julie Davis has worked on…..

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