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Weighted Training At Last!

So tonight I went out running with Bunde.  We ran without weights for about 5 miles and spent most of the time arranging when and where we are running at the weekend.  We’re planning a 10 miler without weights but the run will be very useful as it incorporates a few absolutely beastie hills for us to get up and down – all good. 
When I got back from tonights run I filled the bergen that I’ve borrowed with a bit of light weight and got on the stepper.
I cracked on with the stepping for 30 minutes and decided to call it a day as the bergen (as lightly filled as it is) was causing me to bend my lower back and was beginning to ache – I’ll have to watch out for this when I get it loaded up for real.  Still it’s a start and I’ll press on from here – longer sessions and more weight as and when I can manage it.
I intend to knock out a fair few sessions on the stepper before hitting the roads – the bergen should look good as it looks absolutely stuffed and really heavy – it’s only filled with sleeping bags and it’s own weight for the moment though .

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