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Basic Training – 1

Basic training started today………   well sort of.
As the P Company Challenge (Paras 10) requires ankle support boots and a bergen I asked Jamie if he could loan me a pair of his boots (we have the same size feet).  Jamie brought a pair of boots to try for size but they were too small so I nipped along to the local surplus supply stores to have a look at what they had.  A pair of German Para boots of the right size were £25 and a bergen was the same price.  I decided that as I hadn’t tried the weight or started any training I’d wait before I bought them.
Back home Jamie got a "Geek Backpack" (I think I got this from the Windows Server Launch – 2002 in Seattle) and packed it with an assortment of dumbell weights and cans of Strongbow Cider until he got it to around the 35lb mark.  I put it on my back and the initial reaction was unprintable – I was glad I hadn’t bought the kit.  I took the backpack round to Bunders and his reaction was similarly unprintable.  We thought the pack was heavier than his youngest daughter :-).  We spent a few minutes discussing whether we were mad to attempt this and decided that with the correct backpack style and an early start on the training we would be fine………..
I went back home and got on my mountain bike, cycled to the local rec ground and set off to run laps of the pitch.  I ran 10 (maybe 11, I lost count) laps of the ground at a pace of about 2 minutes per lap so I reckon on that being about 2 miles or so at a pace of 8 minute miles – a time I was more than comfortable with before my knee injury.  Back onto the bike and cycled home.
8 hours later and my legs are feeling tired, stiff and sore.  After 2 miles?  How will I get round 10 with 35lbs on my back?.

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