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As described elsewhere even though I have a place in the London Marathon 2009, I’m unlikely to be taking part due to my knee op.  It will just be too soon for me to get back in to shape (I’m sat at home sipping beer and eating doughnuts whilst I should be out running) and I’ve decided to to aim for something a little later in the year in September.  The event I’m looking at is the Paras 10.
The Paras 10 is, as you would expect, a 10 mile run that takes place in the area around Catterick.  The event is described on the web site as a "multi-terrain endurance event" and actually comprises of 2 races ran over the same course at the same time on the same day.  2 races ran on the same course, at the same time on the same day?  How can it be 2 races?  Well, one is comprised of runners running in the traditional runners kit of shorts, t-shirt and trainers and the other (which I’m aiming to take part in) is ran in military style boots with full ankle protection and a 35 pound pack strapped to your back.  Rcae 2 is called is "P Company Challenge" and while you can run it at any pace you like there is a "qualifying" time of 1 hr 50, which with the 35 pound weight is going to be quite a challenge – mind you I already have a fair bit of weight strapped round the front :-).
Training for real is likely to start on the 1st weekend of January, thereby giving me about 8 months to shed the pounds and get back to fitness but I’m looking to get a loaded backpack on my back next weekend just to see what the weight is like.
I’ll document the trials and tribulations of training for this as I meet, and go past them, right here in this P Company Challenge thread.

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