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My last physio session (where I did single leg presses) revealed that my right leg has only half the strength of my left leg – and I’m right legged.  Measuring my thighs showed that my right thigh was about 2cms thinner than my left thigh – I’m told that I need to work my right leg to build it back up before attempting running as I’ll only hurt myself.  To build up my right leg my physio has given me an exercise regime which consists of :
    • one legged squats
    • one legged cycling
    • one legged rowing machine
    • right leg forward lunges

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get out on my mountain bike 4 / 5 times.  None of it has been too strenuous but my knee is definitely making progress in it’s recovery.  I’m still not going to make the London Marathon next April (although I haven’t cancelled yet) and I’ve decided on a different challenge for next year – see new Blog thread – P Company Challenge for more details.


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