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Beans on dry, white toast
Tuna mayo, sweetcorn on granary torpedo
Vegetable soup
Chicken noodle soup
2 slices of white bread
Bag of Walkers Squares – Salt and Vinegar!!!
Decided to run up to the top of Arthurs Seat but my dodgy knee made this more of a stagger.  It turns out that Arthurs Seat is 250.5 metres high and when I got to the top it was blowing  a wild wind and it was freezin
Part of the route I took
At the top – 250.5 metres high
I called WP while I was at the top to let her listen to the noise of the wind (it was engaged of course) so I recorded it instead.  If I figure out how to upload it to this site I will.
More ‘photos are available here

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