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Not Sharepoint Conference 2009

So the Sharepoint Conference 2009 is nearly here.  The conference, which unfortunately is being held in Las Vegas ;->, is the premier event for Shareoint developers, IT Pros, Architechts, consultants etc. and I, along with the remainder of the Intelligent Decisioning management team, am attending.
As it’s such a long distance myself and Tracey (@WorPet) thought it would be a good opportunity to combine the conference with a trip to a part of the the States we’d never been to so we decided to spend a week in San Francisco before heading on to Vegas and the conference. 
As Tracey is not a Sharepointer, she wont be attending the conference and is opting to spend her time in non Sharepoint related activities.  She has decided to gather these non SharePoint related activities together to form the Not SharePoint Conference 2009.
A little about Tracey :
She has held a Shopping MVP for the past 10 years
She is often invited to shop at stores up and down the UK and internationally
She features regularly on the coffee/chatting circuit where she discusses the latest techniques in shopping, American TV shows such as House, True Blood, Army Wives etc.
The Not SharePoint Conference 2009 will be the premier event for anyone who is in Vegas for the actual SharePoint Conference 2009 but is not attending the conference and looking to relax and enjoy all that Vegas can offer.  The agenda is still to be finalised but will include the following tracks:
spa visiting
coffee drinking
site seeing
A number of levels will be catered for, from 101 relaxing through to the "Deep Dive" technically demanding 400 level which will introduce advanced techniques and best practices for the advanced shopper/spa attender.  Best practices will be discussed and exchanged including techniques such as getting the best bargain in that designer store, Mocha or Latte, milk or dark chocolate etc.
While primarily for partners of Sharepointers who are in Vegas and not attending the conference, attendees of the SharePoint Conference are welcome to attend.
As the agenda fleshes out, @WorPet will be Twittering about them with times, dates etc. under the following Twitter hashtags:
#spshoppers – run along the same lines as the #sprunners, with a a leaderboard and daily updates showing who has shopped the hardest rather than ran the furthest.  Runner type shoes are recommended for these events as there are a lot of shops to get round
#spspa – get together in a spa and talk about anything but Sharepoint while drinking coffee and relaxing
#spcoffee – surprise, impromptu get togethers, organised with fairly short notice – "I’m at coffee house outside of Gucci/Tiffanny – anyone for #spcoffee?"
#spsunbathing – this is the event for those who just want to sit around poolside in the sun
#sprelaxing – do nothing with others of the same mind
#spsites – go look at the Stratosphere/M&M shop etc.
The Not SharePoint Conference 2009 will run along side the SharePoint Conference but will feature slightly later start times due to the big store opening times but they will finish at the same time as the main conference allowing full attendance of main conference events such as SharePint, 80s Beach Party, #ShareIndian etc. Anyone got a spare Guest Pass for the 80’s beach party for @WorPet ? – $$ await
There will also be Not SharePoint Conference 2009 break out sessions as the out of main conference events including discussion groups where topics of conversation will include:
shopping best practices – lessons learnt
the AGILE shopper
spangly shoe driven shopping – SSDS
the finest shoes/handbag seen/bought
best bargain seen/bought
worst impulse buy
the finest chocolate store
best coffee bar/spa etc.
All are welcome to attend the Not SharePoint Conference 2009 breakout sessions, whch will be located along the bar from the main events.  There is still room for speakers at this event, @catpaint1, @WonderLaura, @LoriGowin – know you’re attending the conference but any chance of speaking at a break out session 🙂
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  1. hilarious mate! haha

  2. haha good work.

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