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I’ve recently signed up with an online service MapMyRun which allows you to map your runs telling you how far you went, the heights you scaled etc.
It’s proving to be a useful tool and I’m part of a "Leader Board" – #sprunners which is where the SharePoint runners,map their runs and compete for the most distance covered.
I’ve signed up for a free account, there are some restrictions but I don’t seem to notice them.  There is also an iPhone app that will use the GPS functionality of your iPhone to map your runs automatically and allow you to upload them at the end of each session – I’ve never quite managed to get this to work but I don;t know if it’s because of the poor GPS signal when the phone is in my pocket – I’ll maybe try this again when I finally get round to purchasing an armband to keep the iPhone in clear view of the signal.
Click through to my profile to check out the recent runs I’ve been on, they range in location from the exotic (Selston, Notts) to the run of the mill (coast run in San Francisco) :-0.  Next week (w/c 19th Oct 2000) should see some interesting routes as I meet up with other #sprunners at the Sharepoint Conference 2009 being held in Las Veags – can we run the desert????
Anway, if you’re doing SharePoint and you like to run, get signed up for MapMyRun and come and join the #sprunners as "we run this town".

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