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After last weeks exertions at the P Coy Challenge, I’ve decided to take it easy and have done nothing more than a 5.5 miler on Wednesday and a Beer by Tram pub cralw from Noittingham to Hucknalll with a few work old (by that I mean both in age and in a previous job) colleagues.
I can recommend the tram based crawl – it  takes you to pubs that I’d never ever visit, particulalry as the further it gets away from Nottingham.  The Horseshoe at Bulwell and The Station at Hucknall are prime examples of the British local that are disappearing on a daily basis.  You could easily imagine an episode of Britains Hardest Pubs featuring either (or both of these places) but it’s great to try these places and sample a beer or two.  One beer that I didn’t sample was a brew named Last Rites – this beer brewed by The Abbeydale Brewey is an 11% head banger and as it was still early (and sun light was streaming down) I decided to give it a miss.  It would have been a different matter had it been later (or dark) and I might hunt out this drink at a later date.
Anyway, as part of my takin it easy week, I’ve turned down the opportunity to run 10 miles this morning, bike 50 miles this afternoon (I haven’t ridden a distance of any note since I rode to Skegness back in 2006 I think) or a 10 miler on Sunday morning.  I’m going to get started again next week (don’t we all start these things next week?) and I reckon I’ll be out in shorts and trainers on Tuesday night having a gentle run down the canal.
I’ve got to get up to speed for running in Vegas with the #sprunners (a Twitter keyword used by a group of like minded Sharepoint people who also like to run).  I’m toying with the idea of running dressed in a white Elvis jumpsuit I own.  Why do I own a white Elvis jumpsuit?  I needed one for a Butlins 70s weekend I attended a few years ago and it still hangs in my wardrobe alongside the Robin  (Boy Wonder) suit I used for the Mansfield Half Marathon in July.
Anyway, Elvis running the Vegas strip probably wont event raise a jaded Vegas eyebrow as Elvis can be seen everywhere on the strip – selling cars, working in bars, shops or just walking the strip but it still might be worth a laugh.  After all there is already a "Sharepoint Cowboy" – Eric Schupps @eschupps so why not a "Sharepoint Elvis" @spelvis?  In the word of Elvis "Uh Huh Huh – Thank yu very much".

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