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I managed to get out of the office on Wednesday lunchtime to run with Adrian and a couple of others from UK CRN.  It was all very reminiscent of the "Experian Days" as we ran down the canal (and Adrian ran out of breath :-)).  The downside to this was there’s only a single shower shared by the office so getting showered and changed was a long drawn out affair as long as the actual run.
Saturday am saw me running 13 miles (according to Google Pedometer) in 2 hours – crap time but all miles.  I was so exhausted that I tripped and went my length twice.  Once on the canal side (almost head first in :-)) and once around the res.  I just couldn’t lift my feet high enough to clear the rock and the tree roots that I tripped over :-(.  I had a moment of panic when I saw my right knee all battered and swollen but it looks to be surface damage only.  The rest of the day was spent resting from the effort of my longest run in over 12 months.  I suppose the bright side is it’s only a couple of months that I started back to running with 10 laps of the rec so to get to 13 is ok – If I’d been on my marathon trainig year (2005) I’d probably only have got to about 13/14 or so miles anyway, but my time would have been much quicker.
To run faster and further I must run faster and further….

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