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Knee Investigation 3

I went last Friday to see the knee man with the MRI Scan results, it wasn’t the best of news:
I’ve bruised my lower leg bone inside my knee joint/cap which will take a long, long time to heal and I’ve got a small fracture of the knee cap.  The fracture is like a flap and there is a danger of it breaking off completely leaving me with an increased chance of arthritis in that knee cap.  The man gave me 2 choices:
1. Wait another 4 weeks or so before running (on the basis that there has been some improvement over the last 3 or 4 weeks without running.
2. Have a simple op to put a small cut at the four "corners" of the kneecap and insert a camera for a "looksee"
   2.1 If the fracture is not a danger to flake off then leave it all as it – 1 stitch in each hole
   2.2 If the fracture is a danger to flake off then a small screw with a thread on each end can be inserted through my skin in through the flap and into the main kneecap.  The screw will hold the fracture in place and prevent it dropping off.
The recovery time for option 2 is 4 – 7 days before I was walking properly again and 3 – 4 weeks before I can drive long distances (150 miles +).
As I’m nearing the end of a computer contract and I’m likely to need to be able to drive long distances I’ve decided to go with the wait and see approach.  I’ll go another 4 weeks without running (cycling on the flat or swimming is ok) and see how it is after that.  If there is no marked improvement then I’ll get on with the op.
Here’s hoping…….

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