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Home made mince pie and oven chips with carrots
Exercise – None.  My right ankle is sore, blown up like a balloon and looks bruised – this looks bad .  2 knees and one ankle injury – I’ve never had injuries like this before.  Maybe it’s like my GP said to me about 10 years ago after I went to him with a back problem "Wor, at our time of life", he’s the same age as me, "we should be taking things a bit easier!".
It’s a sobering thought that about 100 years ago I would have probably been of an age where I would have been one of the oldest blokes around – Wor the village elder? and maybe I’ve reached the point where I’m too old for this sort of thing and I should just sit back, watch tv and eat lard all day and all night.  It’s a wonderful thought but I think I have more in me yet – so on to Ibuprofen – 2 every 4 hours, not exceeding 6 doses  in any 24 hour period and we’ll see what’s what.

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