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Installing CRM 4 on SBS

So we got the new hardware delivered from SBS Live.  It was installed with Small Business Server 2003 R2 Premium with MS SQL 2005 and MS Reporting Services.
First job was to run CRM installer and see what was required.  CRM required MSSQL 2005 SP2 installign before it would contemplate installing.  As the new server had no internet connection at this point, I had to download SP on another PC and transport it via a usb hard drive. 
I ran the .exe from the USB drive and an error message was displayed along the lines of – drive or disk may not be available or insufficient permission.  I tried again by copying the .exe from the USB harddisk to the desktop and executing from there – same error.
I rang SBS live to check my account level and confirmed that I was domain admin.  So no joy.  I tried downloading the SP again and retried the above with the same result.  I Googled for the error and found many reasons for this from dodgy .exe to ASP.Net not being installed correctly.
I navigated my way through the MS partner portal, through partner source and discovered that there is a hotfix for the SP that is not on general release which needs to be requested from MS via a web form – takes up to 8 hours for you to get the email response, I sent a request via the web site and tried calling MS but it was getting towards the end of day and I couldn’t get through. 
Anyway, as I write this my email has arrived and I’m downloading a link with a 100Mb hot fix attached – now that’s a hot fix!
I’ll install the hotfix tomorrow and update this entry tomorrow night – hopefully CRM will be in place and up and running.

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