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I had an hour on the eliptical trainer with the 19lb weighted bergen and army boots on Tuesday night.
After that session I took the pack off and headed for the local recreation ground with the military boots on – nice sight when matched with t-shirt and shorts .  I only ran about 2 miles in them as I want to make sure my feet are broken in gradually and not strip them to bits in a stupid running session.
It was red hot tonight when I set out for this weeks weighted run.
My bergen is weighted to 19lb as is Bunders.  We ran our usual route across the recreation ground, down the canal and past the reservoir.
At the end of the reservoir we tackled a steepish hill which caned me and I just made it to the top a gasping and wheezing.  My legs were like a drunken mans and were not entirely under my control.  We both quaffed a lot of water over the 4.75 miles which I covered in about 44 minutes – not great and it’s deflated my confidence and lowered my morale for the challenge but not enough to make me give it up.
I’ll just have to train harder and more often.
2 hour run unweighted run planned for Saturday 06:30 followed by a BMF session (maybe ;->).

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