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Went out for my 1st weighted run today……….
My legs were still tired from yesterdays exertions so it was probably not a good move but anyway, off I set with Bunde and his weighted bergen.  We ran along the canal with the rain gently falling – it’s amazing how much difference the extra weight made (or was it just that I was knackered from the day before?).  Just short of 4 miles were completed in about 36 minutes so not too bad.
My right knee gave me a load of grief for a few minutes after I’d stopped .  This is obviously not a good sign but it soon went away.
I’ve decided that my next weighted run will not be the day after a 12 miler as the danger of injury is just too great and I can’t afford time off from this training regime if I’m to complete the course in under 1 hour 50.
After talking to a mate who’s a current Royal Marine and who has run the course a number of the plan is to fill small food bags with a pound of sand and increase the weight a pound or two per week, running with the weight only once a week and continuing with the usual 2 – 3 unweighted runs.
After completing the run I weighed my bergen and was pleases to find that it weighed 17lb !  I’ve only put sleeping bags and a 5 pound weight in there so the bag itself must be a few pounds.  I confirmed the accuracy of the scales by weighing 2 barbell weights which were weighed correctly.
After tonights run I’m feeling slightly happier and a little bit more confident that I may get round the course in the time – I don’t want to jinx myself though so I’ll say no more for now.

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