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Using the BDC – Battle Scars

I was changing the stylesheet that accompanies the BDC web part that displays an entity using Sharepoint Designer 2007.
After styling up the data which included adding an HTML anchor element, I saved the page and switched to the web site to see it in action.  When the page refreshed I was presented with an error "The title property of entity myentity is set to an invalid value".
After much head scratching, and rejigging of stylesheet I eventually worked out that the error appears to be some kind of general purpose catch all that was caused (in this case) by my creating the anchor element and supplying the text before the href attribute.  This caused the error:
<a>Anchor text
<xsl:attribute name="href">
this fixed it:
<xsl:attribute name="href">
Anchor text
 I guess this is some kind of HTML schema type issue rather than a SharePoint BDC web part issue but it’s another one of those Gotchas!

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