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Computers Make Me Go Aaaarrrghhhhh!

Came home from work today and moved some bedroom furniture as we’re having new carpets fitted tomorrow.
At 08:20 I switched on my laptop and set off to do a little bit of dev work……
No wireless network connection available.  "Damn!", why isn’t that connecting?  I checked the settings, rechecked the settings.  I attempted to connect and reconnect and reconnect.  I could get local only access meaning no internet (whicH I needed for the task in hand).
Multiple ipconfigs showed nothing other than I was connected apparently correctly.  I restarted the router, removed the power from the router and cable modem multiple times – "local access only".
An almost identical laptop I have connected to the internet without issue.  I rebooted the failing laptop numerous times – "local access only".
I went for a long shot and checked the access on my iPhone (which refuses to connect to my wireless network) to discover that even it could connect to the internet fine – isn’t it great?
A final reboot of the router, modem and laptop, ipconfig /renew and that was it, I was back on the net – 1 hour and 55 minutes after I’d first set off.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve experienced this and I hate to think how much of my life I’ve lost doing this kind of thing.  Now that I’ve got that fixed I can’t face doing the work I set out to do so I’ll have to put off now until tomorrow.
It is usually said that computers are very predictable, that they never change their behaviour.  I think the only thing predictable about them is that they will always be unpredictable, things that used to work will stop working without any intervention, and that things will fail when you really can’t afford them to.
Having said all th

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