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I’ve continued with the running, managing a few runs of 6 – 8 miles with a few gruesome (with my current fitness levels) hill climbs and today I was out with Bunde @ 08:00 to run for 90 minutes.  It was absolutely freezing all the way round, when I finished I called in at the local co-op and noticed the the backs of my woollen gloves were completly covered in ice!
Using the Gmaps Pedometer app showed the distance to be a smidgen short of 9 miles (which I’m happy to round up to 9 miles) and fairly hilly track.  We completed it in exactly 90 minutes – 10 minute miles, not good.  Miles 2 – 4 are a climb, followed by a steep descent to mile 5 then up and down all the way to the finish.  At about 5.5 miles there’s a fairly short, sharp incline which just about had me done in – I could feel the energy draining from my head down to my toes and I was glad to get to the top without stopping, vomiting or passing out, but it was a close run thing :-).
Anyway, I’d took the precaution of popping a couple of Ibruprofen before I went and I’ve had a couple since which have saved me from the full horrors of my overworked legs – tommorow maybe a different matter though.

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