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Knee Investigation 4

My knee has still been giving me some grief so I went back to see the man and he organised a knee op (arthroscopy) for me on the next Wednesday.  As my son was being married 3 days after that, I was told, by my SWMBO to have the op after that so the date was set for the 1st October.
I went into hospital on the Wednesday lunchtime and the op was carried out at about 18:00.  I came round sometime after about 20:00 and was told that a piece of knee bone/cartlidge had been removed and that a piece of exposed bone had been recovered and a general clean out of loose bits and pieices had been done.  I was given a set of crutches, shown how to walk and how to gt up and downstairs with them (it’s not as easy as you might think) and I left hospital on the evening of the 2nd.
I got up this morning (3rd) and my knee is swollen an sore.  I hobbled to the front door with my crutch and picked up the post that had just arrived……
A package embalzoned with "Flora London Marathon" had arrived and as I opened it I knew what to expect – "Congratulations  – you have made it through the ballot and you’re in for the 2009 marathon" 😦  Brilliant, Richard a mate of mine has applied for 4 years on the belt without getting in through the ballot (he finally got in on the 5 attempts rule) and I get in through the ballot 2 years running (albeit 3 years after my last attempt).
I think I’ll be exercising the "defer to next year" option available to me….

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