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2 slices of white toast
Morrisons Cornish Pasty
Hame sandwich (stottie of course)
Chicken stir fry
Weekly weigh in – 185.5 – 2.5 pounds off.  I’m not convinced though and suspect the scales myabe a little dodgy.  As "Father of the Groom", I’ve been measured for my suit today and was horrified to learn that my waist is now in the 35/36 inch category after years with a 33 inch waist.  Motivation, motivation.
Exercise – about 5 miles in 40 minutes .  My legs feel wiped out now though which is depressing.  If I’m going to run the London Marathon again, I need 5 times the distance and as Bunder likes to remind me, there’s only 52 weeks to go!  My battered knees are still a bit dodgy with the right one absolutely whining when I put too much effort in.  I need to drop at least a stone before attempting the marathon and my knees would be even happier if I could manage 1.5 stones but we’ll see how I get on.

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