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London Marathon 2008

I got back from spectating at the London Marathon about 17:15 last night.  There were 3 friends running it this year and they all did really well – Dav – 2:33, Jerry 3:00:15 and Bunder – 3:39:50, with Bunder raising a couple of thousand quid for his efforts and the charities CLIC and MacMillan Cancer.
Here’s a photo of Bunder on the Embankment, running so fast I nearly missed him, he’s wearing the green thsirt and white shorts and is just on the left of the policeman.

It tipped it down with rain at about 11:00 and we were all soaked and freezing cold but it was still a great event.  We spotted our runners at the 13 mile stage (just over Tower Bridage) and again at the 25 mile mark on the Embankment.  It was while watching the runners go past us on the Embankment that I decided that after 2 years of spectating the event, I was going to run it again.  At the finish, to the strains of Heather Small Proud, which gives me goosebumps, I announced to all that I’d be running next year and Bunder immediately agreed to do it again – he’s done 5 already.
So today sees the start of "Wors Workout" – the aim is to drop a couple of stones, get back to 2005 levels of fitness asap and beat my 2005 time of 4:09.  Having made this rather public statement, I’ve just been weighed at 188lb!!!! – the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life, and I now need to go collect my running shoes from Adrians house and get started sometime today (I’ll just have another biscuit).
I’ve just made my application through the London Marathon online ballot:
Thank you for entering the Flora London Marathon 2009
online entry ballot

You will find out if you have been successful when you receive either your Accepted or Rejected magazine in early October 2008 (or when you log back into this website, again in early October). However, if you need to contact the organisers at any point, please call 020 7902 0200 and quote the reference number 1x9x16x. 

If I’m not succesful in the ballot, I have to decide if I’ll run for a charity place, but I’ve got ’til early October to decide.
I’ll keep you posted…..

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