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SharePoint Saturday Comes to the UK

The hugely successful SharePoint Saturday event is finally coming to the UK! 
The 1st SharePoint Saturday UK event will take place on Saturday the 2nd October 2010 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole here
There is still some organising to be done but it’s coming together and it’s exciting to be involved!
There are some speakers and sponsors already signed up (and others looking to make themselves available) but we can always use more
There’s a huge amount of organising required to setup an event for 300 attendees and along with Brett Lonsdale of Lightning Tools and my Intelligent Decisioning colleague Mark Macrae I’ve been very busy with organising a venue, inviting speakers to speak and, importantly, sponsors to support the event which means it is free to attendees – an important part of the SharePoint Saturday format.  We’ve been supported all the way by the SharePoint Saturday organisation and in particular by Michael Lotter – the originator of SharePoint Saturday.
You can read all about the 1st SharePoint Saturday UK (and get access to Speaker and Sponsor forms) here and get yourself on the attendee list here.
Make sure you follow @spsuk on Twitter for the latest announcements regarding speakers, sponsors sessions and more.

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