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SharePoint 2010 Comes To Wors World

After attending the SharePoint 2009 conference in Las Vegas earlier this year I was kind of eager to get my hands on the beta s/w and have a go.  Unfortunately current SharePoint 2007 work and my personal life conspired to get in the way and I couldn’t seem to get round to it.  At work, Alex (@sharepointalex) produced a SharePoint 2010 vhd which I used to boot into and it was great but I hated being out of touch with my laptops usual features e.g. Outlook, Word etc.  I didn’t want to install SharePoint direct to my laptop as I hate to “pollute” my laptop with server products, development environments etc.

I like to be able to switch off my development environment and do other things so the ability to run up a VM and dev appeals.  I finally got some time to set this up (don’t worry, SharePoint people this isn’t another “How I Installed SharePoint by clicking next, next, finish”).

I downloaded VMWare WorkStation 7 and got me a copy of the SharePoint 2010 VM Setup PDF by Critical Path – register and you can get your own.  The document shows how to install a vm under Hyper-V and it didn’t take too much of my imagination to work out how to apply this to VMWare ;-).  The doc shows how to install and configure Windows 2008 R2, SQL 2008, SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 (phew!).  It features step by step instructions and screen shots and guides you through the process – it declares that it’s not a “best practice” installation but does setup a development environment.  There were 1 or 2 typos (which I’ve feedback to them) and a piece that I think is missing “Enabling the SharePoint 2010 Sandpit” which I got from here but other than that it’s a great document – there is no need for anyone to document/blog this process again…..    🙂

At the end of the process I had a dev environment which worked and seemed to perform pretty well on my 8 Gb Dual Core, 7200 rpm disk laptop, well, it did after I’d given the VM 4 Gb rather than the original 1 Gb I gave it .

I dev’d a quick “Hello Wors World” web part and carried out the (by now) famous process of pressing F5 and having my code, packaged, deployed and running in SharePoint – it is customary for dev types to cheer and holler at this point.

I then switched to having a look around the admin landscape and discovered that there were no Performance Point or InfoPath Application Services……

I searched Central Admin high & low, they weren’t to be found anywhere.  Google brought up various possible solutions but they wouldn’t work for me.  Revisiting my MSDN keys page, I noticed that there were actually 2 keys available to me:

I’d chosen the “SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Enterprise Beta” key and on closer investigation I discovered that this key doesn’t offer the Performance Point or InfoPath support:

There are two versions of SharePoint Server 2010 Beta:

  • SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise Client Access License features)

    For organizations looking to expand their business collaboration platform to enable advanced scenarios. Use the Enterprise capabilities of SharePoint to fully interoperate with external line-of-business applications, web services, and Microsoft Office client applications; make better decisions with rich data visualization, dashboards, and advanced analytics; and build robust forms and workflow-based solutions.

  • SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Enterprise

    For organizations looking to create customer-facing public internet sites and private extranets using the full enterprise capabilities of SharePoint. This provides full SharePoint Enterprise functionality and no other technical limits.


Removing SharePoint (a heart in mouth moment as I figured it’d surely hose my VM) and reinstalling using my “SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Beta” key sorted it out – I wish I’d deleted all the databases from the 1st installation though as I now have some 30 odd dbs on my Sql server – I might go back and try to sort this out – maybe not.


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