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Windows 7 & AVG Free

In Windows 7 Comes To Wors World I documented my experiences with installing and beginning to use Windows 7 RC.

Basically, I upgraded Vista Business to W7 *is that how we’re going to short hand Windows 7???) and ran up a few applications and utilities to see what worked and what didn’t.  One of the applications I seemed to have an issue with was AVG.  I already had AVG 8.5 Free installed but I thought I’d try removing it and reinstalling the latest version available here.

The download is AVG Free 8.5 build 364 and it installed without issue.  As part of the install, AVG checks for updates from the AVG website and it installed these.  At the end of the installation I noticed that the W7 task bar had a small flag with a cross

Clicking this showed this:

Hhhm!  OK, so AVG has already updated itself but I’ll click “Update AVG Anti-Virus Free (Important)” and make sure it’s really updated, so I did and the Action Center opened

Clicking the “Yes” option appeared to update AVG

but the PC Issues flag remained unchanged

Hhhm! Does this mean that the AVG app has not been updated or that the PC Issues app doesn’t recognize that the app has updated?  Who knows?  All I know is that when I ran a scan this time the resident shield service kept on “shielding” and didn’t chuck an error this time.

Hopefully that means that another reason to not move to W7 on my main laptop has been removed for me.


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