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Windows 7 & TweetDeck

The hot thing at the mo is Twitter – everyone, but everyone is Tweeting these days – You can catch me on Twitter as @WorTony 🙂

Anyway, my app of choice for Twittering is TweetDeck.  It’s free and it’s in beta and it has a few issues on my Vista laptop such as it crashes on a regular basis, but I still like it more than it’s current competitors so I stick with it.  While we’re here, and I know it’s free, but why is TweetDeck still in beta?  When can we expect a new release?  Anyway, since installing Windows 7 on my backup laptop I’ve been missing this app so I thought I’d give it a go.

Choosing to install TweetDeck, I was greeted with the following dialog:

I chose install and the following appeared (so far so good)

Notice the requirement for Adobe air?  I’d been forced to install this before the TweetDeck app installation started.  The usual licence agreement was next and I agreed readily

The install began

The 1st time through this failed due to UAC issues but having switched that PITA off, TweetDeck was installed and prompting me for my account details.

TweetDeck started up and my fellow Tweeters pearls of wisdom were soon on the screen in front of me.  I tried a short Tweet, choosing to Twitter about this installation.  The Tweet was published and all was well with the Twitter world.  It’s going to take a bit of use to see whether it’s any more stable on Windows 7 RC – can’t think why it would be but I live in hope.

[Update – 11/6/2009]

TweetDeck has been running without an issue for nearly 5 hours – an unheard of unbroken run on my Vista laptop!


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