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I’ve been running Windows Vista on this laptop since about January 2008 and in that time I’ve come to hate how slow it is, how things that I used to know where they lived have been moved etc. etc.  I particularly have issue with the performance of Vista when it’s recovering from hibernation and/or when a network isn’t present.  It appears that Vista and all apps hang while waiting for the network to be restored.

I’d installed SP1 in the past and detected no marked improvements in the performance areas so it was with interest that I noticed the recently released SP2 has some improvements related to the performance of WiFi after resuming from sleep mode see here.

So I downloaded the service pack this afternoon and set out to install it looking for those WiFi improvements.  The download was 348Mb and soon down on my laptop.

I closed down my running apps and clicked the Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe.  The first screen that appeared was this

So I clicked next (without reading what I should know about installling SP2 but who does read this stuff? :-0).

The acceptance of the licence terms was next

So I accepted them and clicked next

SP2 began “preparing” my computer

a process which took only a few minutes.  The next screen informed me that I should close all running programs and that the install make take up to an hour or more and that my computer may restart several times.

As I was in the middle of a work day and didn’t have an hour or more to sit, I took a break at this point.

I left the install until I made it home and was ready to go out running.  I clicked install and headed off with a 19 pound pack on my back as part of my P Coy Challenge training – which one would be finished first the install or me?

My run went reasonably well and is documented elsewhere.  I got back in about 45 mins and pressed a key on my laptop to clear the screen saver.  The login prompt was displayed, I logged on and SP 2 completed installation

However at the same time Windows Messenger decided to reconfigure itself – an oddity or did the Service Pack make it do this?

So there it is Vista SP2 installed on my laptop

No fuss, no drama and all down while I ran myself into the ground – as they say at www.comparethemeerkat.com – “simples!”.

Now I need to use it and see if there are any improvements.  I’ll update this blog as and when….


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