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CRM – Invalid Action

The CRM Outlook client failed to connect to our CRM server today – this occassionaly happens so I retried and had the same result.   Trying to access via a browser resulted in an Invalid Action error, numerous refreshes ended with the same result. 
Looking in the application log on my laptop showed

"The Microsoft CRM Outlook add-in could not be initialized correctly. Restart Microsoft Outlook and try again. HR=0x80070057. Context=. Function=CAddin::OnConnection. Line=196."

I then switched to the server event log and saw the MSCRMKeyGenerator generating events with event id 18949.  The detail was

Current active key (KeyType : CrmWRPCTokenKey) is expired. This can indicate that a key is not being regenerated properly. Current Active Key : CrmKey(Id:aaefbd4d-048b-dd11-b05a-005056c00008, ScaleGroupId:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, KeyType:CrmWRPCTokenKey, Expired:True, …………, ArchiveLength:1, Enabled:True, ActiveKeys:[ScaleGroupId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000,ActiveKeyId=aaefbd4d-048b-dd11-b05a-005056c00008])

I looked through the services running on the server and noticed that the CRMAsynch servce was not running.  Starting it up caused the MSCRMKeyArchiveManager to start and the MSCRMKeyGenerator to create a new key which fixed the problem.


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