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Chickens Penned In

We’ve decided to reclaim some of the garden from the chickens and have penned them an area of about 18m * 12m with mesh and wooden posts.  The fence is 0.9 metre high and "chicken proof".
This morning when Wor Pet went out to see them, one of the chickens took a run towards her and half jumped and half flew clean over the fence!  We’ve put it back and there’s been no reoccurrence so we’re hoping it’s a one off.
Chickens seem to be very much in a grass is greener on the other side mode – when they have plenty of food they still dash to us when we are in the garden i the hope that they will get something better to eat.  Now deprived of the whole garden, they have taken to patrolling up and down the fence, occassionally poking their heads through the gap in an attempt to get the greener grass that’s on the other side.

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