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Finchs 5 – Chickens 1

While I was in Edinburgh and Tracey and Laura were in London the chickens were being looked after by neighbours.  Tracey and Laura arrived back home on Friday afternoon and found that the chickens had pulled one back – laying an egg sometime either Thursday or Friday.  When she told me I was intially sceptical about it wondering if our neighbours were setting us up for a laugh and when we looked in the coop this morning to find that they hadn’t laid suspicions were raised, however, 5 minutes later, Tracey noticed that one of the chickens had returned to the nets and was making a bit of a racket.  When it emerged a look inside confirmed that it was indeed the chickens that had laid the egg.
The 2 eggs that they have laid are fairly small compared to supermarket eggs but Tracey can confirm that they taste great

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