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The Chickens As Pets

This is weird.  The chickens are turning into family pets.  A bit like dogs they hang around the table (in the garden) when I’m eating – looking up hungrily (or so it seems) while I eat anything from toast to pizza.  They are no longer as timid but they do still allow me to herd them into the coop without drama.  They are also putting themselves to bed (perch) as the sun goes down.  If they are roaming outside of the coop they head back in and up the ramp they go – the first one goes, one follows, up goes the 3rd then the 4th one suddenly makes a run for.  I wonder if it feels vulnerable as the only chicken in the garden?
It seems very weird having chickens roaming around my back garden but not as weird as seeing my dad rounding up chickens in the garden.  I asked him if he ever thought he’d be a chicken shepherd – "Never" was the answer.  He did a great job and they were rounded up in no time.

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