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The Chickens Have Landed

After we’d cleared up from Lauaras birthday party on Saturday night we cleared up the mess on the Sunday morning (the wind had blown down the gazebo that we had to put up to protect the partygoers from the rain that came down all day Saturday).  We then drove up the road to the "Chicken Farm" and picked up our chickens.  We’ve had 4 and the farmer dropped them into a large cardboard box to brin ngthem home.  Before he did this he showed me how to clip the wing of a chicken to prevent it from flying the coop – I don’t think I’m going to bother with the rest as it looked as though the chicken was bleeding (even though the farmer assured us that it did no harm).  Friend of ours have chickens that have not been clipped and they still have them so we’ll try the same.
The chickens spent all day in the bottom of the coop and we hoped that they would just go "upstairs to bed" when it began to get dark but they didn’t and instad all huddled together on the ground floor.  I thought it would be better to get them in the enclosed 1st floor so I picked them  up and put them to bed.  Monday morning and I let down the drawbridge but Tracey reported that by 14:30 they were still insde.  This could be because in their lives they have not been outside until now so don’t know what to do or because the are 16 (weeks) old they are typical teenagers and were staying in bed because they couldn’t be bothered to get up
Here’s pics of the chickens.
I’ll add another entry when they start to lay.

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