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MS CRM Installation

When installing MS CRM 4, it really gets me down when I have to instruct the installation to install the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime time after time e.g. I want to install the server – I have to install C++ runtime, I want to install the router – I have to install the C++ runtime, I want to install the Data Migration – I have to install the anyway, I’m sure you get the picture.
While I understand that each of these components could be installed on separate servers, in my case they’re not.  I’m installing to a single Small Business Server where everything sits on the one box (bar the client) and I wonder why MS could not have installed the C++ runtime for the server installation and left it on the server so that those installing on SBS would not have to bother installing it again?  Even more annoying is the fact that if I install C++ runtime and then use the back key, I’m told I need to install the C++ runtime when I begin to advance through the installation again .
There must be other installations out there that install more than one component per server?

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