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Capital One have just announced 750 redundancies from their Nottingham operations.  750 jobs which are, I believe, being offshored to India.  One of the areas affected by the redundancies is where WP works – Fraud.  They don’t know exactly who’ s going yet so it’s an ucertain time for her and me.
In what I think is an incredible statement, the head honcho at Cap One (Srini Gopalan, senior vice president and head of UK business at Capital One in Nottingham) said to those being made redundant:
"Focussing on business efficiency is not new for us. We?ve been leveraging outsourcing, making process improvements, and reducing costs for many years. These were significant efforts, and we pulled them off thanks to the hard work of our associates."
In other words, thanks for all the hard work you all put in getting us to a position where we can make even more of you redundant!  I’m left speechless (but thankfully not typeless(?)) by this heard and these same thanks only 2 months ago up the road at Experian.
What with Experian making 240+ redundant in January,Cap 1 with 750 (and others unnamed here), Nottingham has lost around 2,000 jobs in a number of months.  Where are those 2,000 people going to find work as all jobs are being shipped overseas to (allegedly) cheaper resources.  Can UK PLC sustain this offshoring off jobs and loss of wealth?  Who knows, more importantly who cares? (Do you?)
As one wag on www.thisisnottingham.co.uk put it – "What’s in your wallet? – a P45
I thought I’d just have a look at the Cap 1 web site and stumbled over their careers pages.  I’ll capture this for posterity:

Hi, you’ve just taken a step in the right direction

Welcome to our careers page

If you’re looking to move in, move on or move up, you’re definitely in the right place for a great career. Not only do we offer great jobs, we also provide a terrific working environment.

Dynamic, talented, interesting – that’s our people. Challenging, inspiring, rewarding – that’s our work. Thanks to the people we employ; in the last five years more people in Great Britain have chosen us than any other credit card company*. So if you would like to be part of our team, see if there’ s a role that’s right for you among these current vacancies.

The next step

Whether you’re seeking your first job or planning how to progress your career, take a look around our website and meet some of our people, see what we do, how we do it and find out what vacancies we have right now.


Our IT team caters for the technology needs of the entire business. As a consequence, all of our team associates, even the most junior, enjoy a lot of day-to-day variety and are constantly challenged.

We are a large consumer of technology because of our Information Based Strategy. Our associates in IT tend to fall into one of two camps. First there are technical specialists, for example developers, in technology operations where we manage our internet sites and ensure the company’s servers keep running smoothly. Second, we have IT Business managers, such as Business Systems Analysts or Data Analysts who have a very close working relationship with other areas of the business, in particular within the marketing & operations departments. We ensure that IT stays aligned to the day-to-day goals of the business and also that our associates are realistic about how technology can help them achieve their targets.

Our culture encourages cross-departmental working and that’s certainly true in IT. As the vast majority of business decisions touch on IT, associates in this department are constantly collaborating with associates from other departments. Therefore, our IT jobs suit people who prefer a role which balances business and IT rather than a purely technical position.

We are renowned for the high calibre graduates we attract into our IT department. In order to thrive here you will be blessed with intelligence, good problem solving abilities, bags of energy and effective interpersonal skills.

My highlights not theirs.  I suppose it’s to be expected that the web site is still singing the praises of Cap 1 as an employer after the redundancy announcement – all the IT staff will be in the Canal House until very late tonight.


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