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It’s A Long Road Back…

I injured my right knee a few months back, early January I think, while out running with my mate Bunder. As Bunder is running the 2008 Flora London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Care we were out running early one Sunday morning down the top canal. We had got about 7 miles out when we turned round and started to head back to home. The ground was muddy and slippery and my left leg slipped away from me while my right leg stayed planted causing a shotting pain right inside my right knee cap – "Blast!" I exclaimed to Bunder "I’ve knac%^red my knee, I’ll have to stop". Bunder offered to run back and collect the car while I waited but I reckoned that standing around while he ran the 7 miles would have resulted in me freezing to death! I limped on and after a few minutes the pain began to ease off and we made it back to the car without any further incident.

A few days later I noticed that I was having trouble walking up and down stairs and that I could not put my full weight on my right leg. I took some Ibuprofen, extra Glucosamine Sulphate and stopped runing for a week to allow it to heal. 8 weeks later it’s still healing and other than once or twice in that period I’ve not been able to get out and run. The lack of exercise and my current working situation (working from home with easy access to the biscuits) has resulted in me being the heaviest I’ve ever weighed and as unfit as I was before I took up running back in March 1997.

Thankfully it seems to be finally healing and I’ve managed a couple of local outings this week with Bunder (4.5 – 5 miles at a time). I can really feel the extra weight I’m carrying (making me fear for my poor knees!) and how unfit I am. 2 years ago Bunder and me ran the London Marathon (click here for details of the Macmillan fund raising and here for photos) and I was fit as a fiddle – now I’m only fit for the knac!&rs yard 

It’s a long road back…

[4/4/2008 Update]

My legs are stiff as boards and both feet are sore from running this week.  It seems like it’s going to be a very, very long road back…


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