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I moved my CRM development over to Virtual PC a couple of weeks ago, I used a VPC image from Microsoft as the starting base – it had VS 2005 on so I removed that and replaced it with VS 2008 as the .Net framework 3.5 is what we are currently targetting.  The VPC is great as I can copy it to my Maxtor 500Gb One Touch USB drive and take it with me when I’m out and about with my laptop.  The downside is that the VPC I’ve got is crammed with all kinds of other goodies such as Sharepoint Server, Performance Point etc etc and it takes masses of RAM and runs a bit on the slow side – even on my dual AMD 64 bit processes and 4Gb of RAM.  I might have a go at converting to a VMWare image and see if it’s any better or I might just trim some of the fat from the VPC and see how that goes.
I sometimes find odd things happening as well such as when previewing a CRM form and changing a tab, the current IE session gets yanked from memory and is gone – amy customtisations that you have made in that session wihtout saving are yanked as well
Prior to the VPC I was working remotely to a  CRM server deployed at ID offices which suffered from connection drops and comms lag.  I reckon that VPC is the way to go – if I could just eliminate those little irratating issues.

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