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6 Weeks To Go……

Since my last post to this blog I’ve been out running a number of times both with and without the weighted pack.

Last Sunday, Bunde and me set out with a fairly gruelling course planned and I thought it would be a great idea to add 4lb to my bergan bringing it’s weight to 30lb (surely 4 lb can’t affect much?). Tracey dropped us off at the start of our route, assuring us both that we looked fairly odd in our fitted sports tops, shorts and boots :-(.

The first part of the route is a climb followed by a climb followed by another climb.  We passed through a local village called South Normanton where we passed a couple of young locals who called “Sad B*stards, You Sad B*stards” as we ran by them.  They’d been hard at the booze all afternoon by the way that they were staggering about but it was still annoying.

Turning right from South Normanton we headed up the climb towards Pinxton and passed over the railway crossing which has the pub “The Railway” situated there.  There were a number of afternoon boozers relaxing with beers in the afternoon sun and one of their dogs decided to have a go at us and jumped up to cross the road – as it was tied to a table packed with beers you can imagine the result – beer glasses smashed everywhere and a chorus of “You f*ckin owe us some beer”.  We stepped up our pace and soon left the unhappy drinkers behind as we headed, once again, up hill.

I got to the point where I decided I was done in and switched from running to walking as fast as I could.  Bent at the waist, head down I walked at the fastest pace I could manage (which didn’t seem much slower than my running pace, although Bunde continued to draw away from me.) I alternated between running and fast walking for about half a mile until I reached the top of the hill when I switched back to running exclusively.

The route then took us down hill for about a mile and we picked up the pace as we headed to our finish point – the village Coop.  Bunde wanted us to complete in under 90 minutes and we missed it by 5 seconds finishing in 90 mins and 4 seconds.  We’d been going at quite a lick so it seemed that and both of us still had some left in the tank.

The route according to Google was 8.7 miles – completed in 90 minutes meant that if this had been the P Coy Challenge we’d have had just under 20 minutes to complete the final 1.3 miles- now I know the route we ran is not an exact replica of the challenge, we still climbed well over 400 metres in 4 climbs (the challenge has 400 metres in 4 shorter, steeper climbs but I still think it’s a good guide to how we are doing.  6 weeks to go….

Here’s our route http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3059572


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