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I’m Knackered Me

As I’m running in the Mansfield Half Marathon in 2 weeks time, it was decided that this mornings run would be a trial run for the 13.1 mile distance.

The plan was to run from the centre of our village onto a route which makes up the Underwood Quarter Marathon, add 3 miles or so then return home – job done.  The planned route was this.

Up at 06:00 I felt knackered and not looking forward to the route at all as, apart from the 13.1 mile distance, it’s a fairly hilly route and the sun was already blazing down.  As I jogged to meet Bunde at the start point my legs felt like lead and still pumped up from yesterdays British Military Fitness session, I feared the worst and could hear myself making up excuses in my head for why I couldn’t manage it.

I’m not going to recount all the details of this mornings run but suffice to say that the climb from 1 to 2 miles had me all in and breathing like an old pair of bellows – only another 11 miles to get through :-((. 

At the top of the 1st hill it’s a sharp descent and I managed to get it back together a bit before climbing again, and again.  Once more down the hill to where mile 1 was and from here it’s all up hill for about another 1.5 – 2 miles.

As we started up the hill I had to tell Bunde that I couldn’t see me making it round the course and we compromised with a run to the top of Brinsley hill, straight back down again then onto the canal.

As I climbed the hill I thought I could see stars and wobbled back down the hill onto the canal.  The flat of the canal was still a pain and I decided after an hours I’d had enough and left Bunde to complete the run while I headed home.  I managed an hour and 5 minutes and covered only 7.8 miles – crap!

The route I managed is here.

I got back home and went swimming with the missus as a warm down but I wasn’t up for it.  I now suspect that I’m about to get a cold – a sure sign that you’ve flattened yourself and I’ve decided that 2 weeks of all out effort at the BMF 3 times a week, 1 pack run a week and a long run on a weekend has been slowly exhausting and I’ve now decided to take a short break from exercise, doing nowt till Wednesday at the earliest.  I’m hoping that the break will recharge my batteries and I can get back to it.


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